• Our National Players Representing Maharashtra

    1. Sharang RaneFencing-12
    2. Swapnali Navle
    3. Amay Bose
    4. Aruna Hirgond
    5. Tejraj Yadav
    6. Rahul Pardesi
    7. Prasad Gurav
    8. Vinit Patel
    9. Shriya Valiyaparambil
    10. Anand Varthi
    11. Pratiksha Bodke
    12. Snehal Khule
    13. Sneha Nirmale
    14. Savita Visawadia
    15. Gaurav Pandit
    16. Jay Khandelwal
    17. Khushi Dekhande
    18. Shreyas Takke
    19. Aarti Pai
    20. Rohit Kenndy
    21. Simrat Kaur Sandhu
    22. Varad Paranjpee







    Fencing helps to built Student’s Confidence, Concertration, etc in studies,sports as well as in day to day life. It also keep student fresh & active throughout the day . Following are few benefits from Fencing:-

    Increase In Concentration Power,28fencing2[1]
    Instant Decision Making Power
    Small Muscle Development
    Job In Defence Services
    Grace mark shall be awarded for 10th / 12th Students participating in State level tournament

    Physical fitness components used in Fencing:
    Muscular Strength

    Just like any sport, increased self-confidence, discipline, fitness and physical ability, as well and an opportunity to socialize.

    Anyone can succeed in fencing if they are willing to put the work in. Unlike basketball or football, there is no requisite body type, and it is based more in skill than athletic ability. If all rules are followed and all safety gear used, it is an extremely safe sport, especially for a combat sport.

    It is a sport you can do for your entire life: fencers have competed in India nationals as young as 6 and over 60. This gives people not only a way to stay in shape for their whole lives but a way to make lifelong friendships through the sport.

    Fencing engages the mind as well as the body and forces participants to develop high levels of concentration and tactical thinking. I would highlight the development of complex coordination and a tremendous opportunity for personal expression and creative outlet.

    One of the top benefits I see in kids that I have taught is that it’s an activity that often captures the attention of kids who are not involved with other physical activity. Folks often go astray with the details of the sport. Your core product is improved fitness, improved confidence, and a more defined self.

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