• Fencing is Fascinating

    15You swishhh and swooshhh!! With this magical sound, the fascination for the sport starts. Fencing gives a certain mystic feel when you actually perform it with your opponent. It basically requires each competitor to score points by striking their opponent. The keyline to this is: “You got to touch without being touched.” Not quite impossible, but very tricky indeed.

    Agility & coordination
    Fencing develops good coordination, balance and flexibility. And yes, it often gives young people a chance to emulate their story-book heroes!! “Attack and defend”-that’s what the art generally focuses upon. The ability to demonstrate speed, skill and dexterity is an important asset to this pristine art.

    Distress yourself
    Fencing can also be a great option to relax yourself by doing something out-of-box. An interesting way to work out with no less than an adventurous option. We couldn’t agree more on this.
    What do I learn?
    Your experience will start with a full safety briefing and an introduction to the basics, for example, a quick workout to learn the essential footwork. You’ll then be shown the equipment including foil and mask before going through the different techniques in order to beat your opponent. During the session you’ll learn all the basics and terminology that goes with them, such as the lunge, parry, riposte and feint. Then it’s time to put all you have learned into practice by challenging your instructor to a duel.

    55Great Benefits from Fencing
    Fencing helps to built Student’s Confidence, Concentration, in studies, sports as well as in day to day life. It also keep student fresh & active. Increase In Concentration Power, Immunity, Swiftness, Alertness, Activeness, Instant Decision Making Power, Sharpness of Mind, Flexibility, Small Muscle Development, Job In Defence Services, Grace mark shall be Awarded for 10th / 12th Students participating in State Level Tournament

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