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Mumbai Upnagar FENCING ASSOCIATION establish  in April 2003. The MUFA is Registered at Charity Commissioner’s Off. Under (Act of Registration 1860) (Section 21 of Act 1860) & Mumbai Public Trust System (Act of 1950’s Mumbai Section 29). Mumbai suburban Fencing Association has been formed by the efforts of Shri Kedar Dhawle Coach of Mumbai Suburban Fencing Association as well as Maharashtra State Fencing Association.

Fencing Proposal

Your Student may be too young to remember swashbuckling movie heroes like Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mask of Zorro, The Last Samurai, etc. But, Now ‘Podar Education Network’ Group of Schools students can also welcome a New Fencing Sports Program in your respected School Sports list. As this game is present in Olympic Games since its birth.

Partial list of possible focus points:

1. Weather-Insensitive
2. Mixed training easy to do. Can be done by All Ages
4. 3 versions, each personality can find something that suits him
5. Complete set of clothing for Safety precaution
6. Compact sport – high sportsman/square meter ratio
7. Moving cost for one training session reasonably low, compare to a round of golf!

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